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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We can create stunning email campaigns that communicate information effectively without compromising your brand integrity.

As an incredibly versatile marketing medium, email marketing can effectively work as an addition to direct marketing or as a replacement to it. The interactive nature of email marketing can be used for collecting market research, keeping clients and consumers informed or to increase brand awareness.

Cost Effective

As there are no physical items to create or distribute, email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing available. Once a campaign has been created it can be distributed to 1000's of addresses without incurring further cost.

Maximise ROI

Allowing consumers to click through from email campaigns directly to your site to make purchases means that email marketing has one of the highest returns of any marketing form.

Measurable Results

The single most important feature of email marketing is its unique ability to track and analyse campaigns accurately; no other marketing form allows results to be measured with such accuracy.

If you'd like to learn more about email marketing or you'd like to view an online demonstration please call us on 01246 541927.

Full Management

Full management of your campaign by our team. We'll design, produce and distribute your campaign from supplied copy.

  • Each email sent contains both a visual email and a plain text version, ensuring that the recipient receives the version suited to their email client.
  • Subscription boxes can be easily integrated into your existing website
  • Campaigns can be scheduled to be sent at any time; 24 hours a day.
  • Full statistics are available so you can know exactly what your recipients did, including:
  • The number of people who viewed your email
  • The number of people who clicked a link in the email
  • The number of times each link in the email was clicked
  • What pages a specific user visited from the email
  • The day and time each user read your email or clicked a link


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