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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

JVMS offer a full graphic design service providing custom print graphics, web graphics, impressive product literature, corporate brochures and unforgettable logo design. As a full-service graphic design firm we understand your graphic design needs. We can design graphics for any piece of printed-paper, business cards, stationary, flyers, sales sheets, and posters. We also design graphics used for the web. Many graphic design, print and web design projects require several speciality services.

Print Design:

Magazine advertisements, brochures, posters, stationery, business cards, and newsletters.

Illustration and Package Design:

Unique drawings, illustrations, symbols, and icons for print advertising, web advertising, packaging, and other promotional materials.

Photo Scanning and Retouching:

Custom photo scanning and retouching for all of your print advertising, web advertising, and other promotional materials.

Graphic File Conversion:

Would you like to convert your print catalog into an informational or e-commerce web site? We can take your existing files used in your print catalog and convert the graphic images to fast loading quality web images, formatted specifically for the internet.

Website Graphics:

Graphic images used in website design are specifically formatted for the internet and designed for maximum impact. Includes illustrations, photographs, flash, animation, and other media.

At JVMS we have specific Industry experience and can create a new and complete corporate identity utilising your existing company logo or alternatively design a complete new and fresh identity. What makes us unique is our proven ability to provide top quality graphic design, all our advertisements are tailored to suit your specific Industry based on an understanding of that Industry and your intended market.

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